Are you overwhelmed with opportunity, but limited by your current capacity to support the demand? Do you need an easy way to ramp up quickly to cover gaps in your team without big contracts? Our team of Premium Virtual Assistants can quickly plug-in to bring immediate administrative bandwidth to help!

What's a Premium Virtual Assistant?

Our Approach

Other virtual assistant services end up costing you more time than you save because you have to constantly answer questions, provide guidance and follow up with whoever is working on your projects. That’s not the case with Delegate. Premium means you’ll have a team that proactively supports you with a consultative approach.

Managed Support

Managed Support

We employ and manage the people tackling your tasks, so you can better leverage your time to keep the big-picture projects moving forward.

Teamed Approach

Teamed Approach

We provide continuity and uninterrupted quality work by making sure another team member is ready to step in, if needed, without missing a beat.

Expert Staff

Expert Staff

We provide you with highly qualified talent that is meticulously vetted and receives more than 50 hours of hands-on training before working on your account.

Strategic Delegation

Strategic Delegation

We determine which tasks to delegate for the greatest impact and create an overall delegation strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Want to know more about how we help entrepreneurs?

Want to know more about how we help entrepreneurs?

Here’s a sampling of tasks business owners have delegated to our teams.

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Our Services

We provide virtual support for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re running solo or have a team, we’ve got the solution to help you get back to what you do best.

Strategic Support™

Reach your goals more quickly with a customized program for your needs that combines automation, delegation and proven efficiency strategies.

Freedom for Teams™

Get experienced, consistent support for your team, saving them from day-to-day busywork and keeping them focused on more impactful tasks.

Pure Implementation Formula™

Implement EOS® more efficiently and effectively with an administrative support system that makes the day-to-day management fully delegable.

Consulting Services

Identify efficiency issues and receive customized delegation strategies to better leverage your existing executive support team and optimize productivity.

Proven Methods for Success

We’ve developed the top-performing processes to help you hand off more than 30 key delegations. Delegate experts follow our proven methodologies for everything from scheduling to managing your inbox.

The Proof is in the Data

30,000+ Hours Gained


Focused hours gained for entrepreneurs last year

25+ Brains


Brains on your business throughout our team

50% Increase in Efficiency


Increase in efficiency across teams


Learn How We Helped an Entrepreneur 

Get Back 5 Hours a Week

And Improve Client Support

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What Our Clients Say

“I love knowing that things are getting done without my direct involvement. The nagging feelings of balls being dropped is now gone because of Delegate’s consistent and invaluable help.”
Mark O'Donnell

Mark O’Donnell, EOSI

Optimize for Growth
“With [Delegate Solutions’] help, I wasn't overloaded with a bunch of busywork, which freed me up to focus on the most important things as we grew.”

Jim Boomer, CEO

Boomer Consulting
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