Do you dream of having a flex or remote job but aren’t sure how to make that happen?

Finally, you can…

  • Understand the different types of remote/flex opportunities available, and which makes the most sense for you
  • Learn what employers look for in ideal remote employees and how remote employment works
  • Setup your home office for success
  • Learn which types of technology and tools remote teams use to collaborate and communicate
  • Setup your time and workday to best meet the demands of your role
  • Have your software and hardware ready to go for remote employment

Welcome to FlexSchool!

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In these one of a kind learning lessons, we will teach you everything you need to know to optimize your success in the remote workforce. Here is what you will receive in the FlexSchool Program:

Lesson 1: Remote/Flex Work Protocols

  • Protocols and requirements for a successful remote (home) office
  • How to present well remotely
  • Our top 5 tips for remote/flex work success

Lesson 2: Key Trends and Top Tools in Remote/Flex work

  • How to stay connected on a distributed/remote team
  • Understanding video meeting technology
  • Key tools used by remote and distributed teams
  • How to manage the transition to remote work

Lesson 3: Remote/Flex Work Best Practices

  • How to effectively manage your time as a remote/flex worker
  • Core time tracking tools used by remote teams
  • Distributed team communication etiquette, tools and tech
  • The different types of remote/flex work scenarios
  • Managing your own personal commitment to a new way of working

Lesson 4: Tech Check & Your Computer

  • Understand key computer skills required to work remotely
  • How to choose and manage safety and security of digital information
  • How to identify your computer’s ISP speed
  • Shortcuts to work on both Mac and PC more efficiently

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And these awesome bonuses

  • RockStar resumé template
  • Download HTML lessons for review
  • 1 free resume review

GRAB THIS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE And learn how you can turn your remote/flex work dreams into reality!

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