May 2017 – Rockstar of the month


At Delegate Solutions, we believe our greatest assets are our Team Members.

They have all come to us with executive level experience, a love of helping others succeed and an innate affinity for our methodology.


Our process is simple: Our Leadership team nominates one team member who has really raised the bar for excellence in client satisfaction and diligence in following our internal processes over the past month. Next, our entire team gets to nominate one of their peers for their embodiment of our core values (as outlined in our manifesto). While every member of our team is outstanding, we are proud to publicly honor them individually each month for their exceptional qualities.

May 2017

Nominated Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Liz is this month’s Leadership choice for Rockstar! Our Leadership team nominated Liz because of her outstanding work supporting an ever-evolving vision and execution for our clients. This skill is evident through her own Unique Ability ® of enthusiastically providing efficient, organized and systematic approaches to operations to help others advance their businesses and achieve their vision, mission, and goals. One of her clients shared:

“Liz is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Everyone at Delegate is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I’m so happy to be working with all of you and genuinely appreciate all of your help!”

In addition to her awesome work with clients, she diligently follows our internal protocols and processes each month and brings full-circle the value creation for clients. Great Job Liz! We are proud to share your fearless spirit of organization and execution. Your talent and commitment to the work we do shines through in all you do. We appreciate you!! Xoxo


May 2017

Nominated Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Amber is this month’s Peer choice for Rockstar! Amber naturally embodies our Core Values by always proactively seeking ways to create value for our clients. With her Unique Ability ® of finding new ways to teach clients to be more productive, Amber never misses an opportunity to reach out with her positive, friendly attitude. Her infectious smile and commitment to excellence shine through everything she puts her hand to. Amber brings humor and integrity to our team and makes herself available to help out another team member. Her teammates shared:

“Amber always has such a positive attitude and is always eager to offer good input.” and “She is proactive, goals-focused and looks at the bigger picture.” her team members say.

Amber is truly a bright spot on the Delegate Solutions palette. Great job Amber on being such an awesome contributor on our team! We appreciate you! XOXO