At Delegate Solutions, we believe our greatest assets are our Team Members.

They have all come to us with executive level experience, a love of helping others succeed and an innate affinity for our methodology.


Our process is simple: Our Leadership team nominates one team member who has really raised the bar for excellence in client satisfaction and diligence in following our internal processes over the past month. Next, our entire team gets to nominate one of their peers for their embodiment of our core values (as outlined in our manifesto). While every member of our team is outstanding, we are proud to publicly honor them individually each month for their exceptional qualities.

Leadership Nominated Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Erin is this month’s Leadership choice for Rockstar! Erin epitomizes our core values. She is dedicated to doing what she says, is energized every day, is so very positive and upbeat. Erin can always be counted on to bring resourceful and proactive solutions. Helping others is an everyday activity for Erin, and the team loves working with her. She brings the same enthusiasm to the table, whether it’s internal reporting, or hosting a client meeting.

Our clients have lots to say about working with Erin:

“Erin has made her way into my heart! I love how she takes initiative to take charge!”

“Erin is wonderful and has made me so much more productive.”

“Erin is a great business partner...couldn’t imagine life without her.”

“Erin has great aptitude, willingness to step up, honesty, makes suggestions, intuitive. Can basically put whatever she wants on my calendar .. she has the credibility with me.”

Erin has a unique talent for being upbeat, approachable and helpful. She steps up to the plate to help others simplify and focus-- her smile brightens any and all meetings! We are so grateful to have Erin on our team!
Great work Erin!! xoxo

Peer Nominated Rockstar is:


Final Head Shot_Ilene-Eigenberg (1)-1

Why she’s chosen:

Ilene is this month’s Peer Nominee for RockStar! Her “can do” disposition and willingness to help personifies what our core values at Delegate are all about!  One of her teammates shared, “I love that Ilene always brings such a positive attitude to each account that we work on.”  Another shared, “She is very resourceful and helpful” and “is always ready to strategize from the moment she gets on our weekly calls to help clients through the tough hurdles of time management.”   We are so happy and proud to have you on our team, Ilene!

How we select our Rockstar:



One member is chosen by the Leadership Team based on their:


1-Contribution to our Shared Learning


2-Attention to detail with our internal reporting process


3-Support with new team members


4-Attendance at our weekly team meetings and Monthly Training






And the 2nd ROCK STAR is chosen by their peers


Because of their demonstrated connection to at least one of our core values —

• Operate with honesty and integrity


• Proactively seek ways to create value for our clients


• Act as generous, friendly, resourceful problem solvers


• Create a wow experience for our clients


• Remain goals-focused honoring our commitments