“Not only is my dedicated team fantastic, but I have access to all the resources the company offers, even if it is outside the skill set of my team. It’s really more like an outsourced admin department than virtual assistant.”

What Our Clients Say

Business & Relationship Strategist CEO

This has been more than I bargained for and better than I ever expected. Anyone who is a CEO or Entrepreneur with a high quick start should be using Delegate.

M. Bodner


Business & Relationship Strategist Non-Profit Founder

 Just wanted to say thank you for a terrific 2018! I'm sure I've taxed your patience (and your skills!) a few times -- but you both respond with grace, kindness, and patience to every request. You free me up to focus on the work I'm best at. 

S. Durham

Business & Relationship StrategistBusiness & Relationship Strategist

I’m very grateful for Delegate’s level of professionalism and eagerness to meet client needs. It is apparent how much Emily and her team love helping others to be successful!

J. Williams

 Business & Relationship StrategistTechnology CEO

Working with Delegate Solutions has been great. Their staff is extremely efficient and saving me a ton of time.

G. Hilleque

Business & Relationship StrategistManaging Partner

The Delegate team simplified our complex company process into one that ultimately leveraged our onsite team’s time by 30%. They were able to break out parts of our process that could be systematized and delegated off-site. Their keen insight into the nuances of the remote support work model was a unique value-add. This shift equated to an annual salary savings of $120,000, reduced our real estate and management burden and added intangible peace of mind value.

T. O’Donnell

Business & Relationship StrategistFounder, Financial Services Industry

It has been a great pleasure to be supported by my assistant, Amanda Boze, and the rest of the Delegate Solutions team. Amanda sees problems and starts thinking of ways to improve and stream-line a process so the problem doesn’t exist anymore. She is always willing to accommodate my needs, at times even anticipating them. In just six months, we have enhanced many facets of my business practices which has resulted in more free time for me to focus on my most important goals. I would highly recommend Delegate Solutions as a means to get the support you need to grow your business and reach your goals.

D. O’ Shaughnessy

Hear it in their
own words:

Business & Relationship StrategistFitness Entrepreneur and Public Figure

Since deploying my support team at Delegate, I no longer have to waste time keeping on top of my email. Their help has allowed me to not only focus on the most impactful activities in my business, but it has created space for downtime to focus on other parts of my life beyond business. It’s a tremendous relief to know that I no longer have to worry about the day-to-day communication in my inbox. Their expertise and accountability created an amazing system that has made a huge difference in how I operate.

J. Rowley

Business & Relationship StrategistLeadership Coach

Growing a business requires more than strategy, professional skills, and hard work.  It requires resources and the resource that too many entrepreneurs lack is highly skilled administrative support.  Working with Delegate has enabled me to put into action many of the plans and possibilities I’ve been nurturing over the years because I now have the bandwidth to make things happen.  I estimate that my income has climbed by 30-40% in my first year working with Delegate Solutions, simply because I’m able to spend more time working on higher-value tasks.  Plus the quality of my life has improved.

M. Melcher

Business & Relationship StrategistCEO

Through the help of our strategic support team at Delegate, my Executive Team is now free to push forward our key initiatives and grow the business. Their help has streamlined and automated our systems, created accountability around priorities and helped us accomplish the tasks that never seemed to get done by my team. This is truly a unique support resource for any company, big or small.

P. Beers

Business & Relationship StrategistBusiness Consultant

As an emerging businesswoman with clients with diverse requirements, I needed executive-level support without the hassels that come along with hiring and managing my own staff. Delegate Solutions has provided me with innovative administrative solutions that have allowed me to service my clients as if I had a full, in-house staff.

N. Franklin

Business & Relationship StrategistLeadership Consultant

I don’t know how I lived without you!

J. Becker

Business & Relationship StrategistPresident

Delegate Solutions provides the administrative backbone to keep our organization running smoothly.

G. Bieber

Business & Relationship StrategistCEO

Delegate Solutions makes the hard things seem easy. Response time is swift and I trust their expertise and instincts in managing any task I throw at them, including those requiring contact with challenging third parties. Delegate Solutions is an excellent representation of me and my company.

K. King

Business & Relationship StrategistTechnology Consultant

These people rock.  They are efficient, helpful, courteous and cost effective.  Emily is bringing assistant services to those of us who didn’t know how to use them or thought we couldn’t afford them.  It’s changing me.

P. Moss

Business & Relationship StrategistFinancial Planner

Emily has been an absolute delight to work with over the years, having never missed a deadline.  From providing exceptional client service to my clients, to running complex marketing campaigns, she allows me to leverage my time more efficiently and focus on the most important elements of my business.  Her professionalism, attention to detail, and “can-do” attitudes make her an integral part of my financial planning practice.

Business & Relationship StrategistPsychotherapist & Center Director

What makes working with Delegate work? Effortless communication. Through unique electronic tools and programs, we can communicate as if we were in the same room, or possibly even better! I know I can look to Delegate Solutions to provide something beyond just a service—collaboration. We work together to manage, organize and simplify the projects that keep my business growing.

J. Mantell

Business & Relationship StrategistCenter Director

My family will tell you that since I started working with Delegate Solutions, I am more relaxed and have more family time—just what I was looking for in a Virtual Assistant. As a small business owner I needed help with project management, event planning, research and correspondence, but didn’t need a full-time assistant. Delegate Solutions is the perfect solution, helping me turn my goals into realities.

J. Mantell

Business & Relationship StrategistCPA & Media Personality

The challenge in today’s very difficult economy is to be extremely proactive. With today’s technology great strides can be made with great efficiency. All one needs is a resource to guide you and that is where my good fortune is to have found Delegate Solutions.  They have become my tech department and dedicated support team.

B. Greenberg

Business & Relationship StrategistManagement Consultant

To date, I have utilized approximately 200 hours of support services and frankly, I couldn’t be happier – which says a lot from a “hard-grading assessment guy” such as myself. Delegate Solutions scores high marks for efficiency, quality, and versatility. My Associate led the charge on monitoring compliance with various 360 exercises, including L’Oreal as well as KAYAK.com’s – which involved approximately 500 raters. Naturally, there are lots of moving parts, and not much room for error as mistakes can scale. The stress relief alone; knowing that I’m supported by professional level services — is itself a huge ROI! I’m definitely not going back to the way things were before Delegate.

Y. Prywes

Business & Relationship Strategist Strategic Advisors

I just wanted to share how happy I am with the support you are providing - in particular the protective scheduling, dictation sessions, positive focus and the system you are building to track and organize all my blog and presentation ideas and website updates.
Thank you!!!

P. Weissman

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