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Delegate Solutions is an accountable and consultative administrative support system. Our sophisticated team of experienced, executive-level professionals work collaboratively together to support the ongoing success of your business. Founded in 2007, we have spent the last decade + perfecting the art of delivering an effective support solution to entrepreneurs. When you work with us, our teamed approach focuses on results, leverage and efficiency to give you the bandwidth and support you need as you grow.

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Our Core Values:


1. We have an Innate Spirit of Helping Others

We believe that the power of one is expanded by the strengths of many, and inherently want others to win and succeed.  We work proactively and collaboratively to big visions to life. As an entrepreneurial, flexwork company we deeply value freedom and flexibility.  We will always stand up for that freedom in our lives and the lives of our clients, so that we can collectively have a greater impact on the world.  Community matters to us both at work and at home and we subscribe to the mantra:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

2. We always bring an Enthusiasm for Excellence

This means that we continually strive to do our best work in every circumstance.  As a company and with our clients, we are entrepreneurial and growth-oriented. We’re accountable, resourceful and adaptable.

We always show up and put our best foot forward, knowing that at the end of the day we win as a team and lose as a team.

3. Our team is Kind and Thoughtful

We choose to believe that Life is Good and are ever grateful for all we have. Team Delegate always presents as sunny, friendly and calm. We are collaborative, easy to work with and strive to always do the right thing; treating others as we want to be treated.

4. At Delegate, We Do What We Say

We take responsibility for our work and always finish what we start and commit to. We fully deliver on time and believe in ourselves and the decisions we make, blaming no one.  Our results-focused environment encourages our best work and a positive mindset to course correct and improve each day.  We say “no” purposefully so that we have the space to say yes to the most important things.

5. Be Transparent

We believe that transparency at its core is honesty, which is a value that we want to live by no matter what.  Being transparent allows for informed decisions and ownership over them. It allows us to work more efficiently and effectively as a team and with clients as it breeds trust, which is the foundation for great teamwork.  At Delegate we choose to be graciously transparent, which means that we treat and deliver transparent feedback in a way that we would like to be treated, always with kindness and thoughtfulness.  

You Can Count On Us


We received a 97% satisfaction rating from our latest Client Survey

We believe in getting the job done in the most effective, efficient way possible to optimize results
Our clients agree!


Check out our feature on the Forbes Top 50 List of Best Remote Employers

Our our team is aligned and accountable to a common mission to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce

The Delegate Difference

1. Teamed

Our unique teaming model ensures you always have a trained, dedicated support team to keep up with you. Never have to hire or train your support role again!

2. Proactive

Our thoughtful, seasoned support team is always looking to anticipate your needs and add efficiency to your life.

3. Secure

Our sophisticated team are our employees, are all US-based, vetted and trained in our unique support approach.

4. Proven

Tried and true methodologies to help entrepreneurs execute in the most efficient way possible with minimal time needed from you.

5. Strategic

Ongoing goals-focused delegation strategy helps you figure out what and how best to delegate and automate to create scale.


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Delegate Solutions

Delegate Solutions was founded by Emily Morgan, an entrepreneur with an innate heart for supporting entrepreneurial leaders. Our team shares these core values and lives them out each day in our work.  Our collective mission is to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce by providing entrepreneurs with strategic workforce options to help them grow more efficiently and effectively. This means you are always surrounded by a professional team of supportive, knowledgeable dedicated help!

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