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Delegate Solutions offers premium-level virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs. We tackle your distracting to-dos; create a strategic delegation plan for meeting your goals; and fully manage the virtual team assigned to your projects. Every team member starts with more than 50 hours of hands-on training and undergoes additional training annually to maintain certification.















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Our Team is






What does it mean to be Delegate Certified?


50+ hours of Delegate training before working with clients


Average 18+ years of professional experience supporting others


.06% out of 14,000 applicants selected to join us in 2018


Ongoing training hours required annually to maintain certification


Our Core Values:


1. We have an Innate Spirit of Helping Others

"We are instinctively compassionate and ready to jump in to lend a hand. We are intentional and thoughtful in our offer of help and support, and we eagerly step in anywhere we know that we can add value. We build relationships that allow us to anticipate our client’s needs both personally and professionally. "

2. We always bring an Enthusiasm for Excellence

"We bring more than just a positive attitude, we are excited for our clients, and look forward to working alongside them, to keep things on track. We invest our time and energy and develop a genuine enthusiasm for the clients we work with and their business. We are motivated by helping clients find the freedom to do what they love and have a big impact."

3. Our team is Kind and Thoughtful

"We are naturally empathetic/sympathetic and help willingly. We are considerate, understanding, and compassionate when things come up whether it’s personal or professional. You can see the thoughtfulness of our work through the quality of it. We are attentive to clients and each other’s needs and eager to help."

4. At Delegate, We Do What We Say

"We say what we mean and mean what we say. We set and manage the expectations of our clients and teammates and hold everyone accountable to them. We proactively work to create a culture of accountability that produces alignment and results."

5. Be Transparent

"We respectfully, and with an open mind, give, receive, and process feedback so we may continue to improve what we do, how we collaborate, and who we are as a team. We believe in solution-oriented, thoughtful feedback and we give and receive information in a timely manner, both within our team and with our clients, in an open, honest, and gracious way."

You Can Count On Us


We received a 97% satisfaction rating from our latest Client Survey

We believe in getting the job done in the most effective, efficient way possible to optimize results- 
Our clients agree!


Check out our feature on the Forbes Top 50 List of Best Remote Employers

Our our team is aligned and accountable to a common mission to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce.

The Delegate Difference

1. Teamed Approach

We assign two people to your account, plus trained backup and an Account Manager, so nothing gets missed.

2. Consultative Services

We help you determine what to delegate, then create a strategy that will yield the best ROI on what you hand off.

3. Managed Support

We employ and manage the team tackling your tasks, so you don’t have to.


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Delegate Solutions

Delegate Solutions was founded by Emily Morgan, an entrepreneur with an innate heart for supporting entrepreneurial leaders. Our team shares these core values and lives them out each day in our work.  Our collective mission is to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce by providing entrepreneurs with strategic workforce options to help them grow more efficiently and effectively. This means you are always surrounded by a professional team of supportive, knowledgeable dedicated help!

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