Our Personal Project Manager Program helps high Quickstart entrepreneurs create momentum and traction on their best ideas in 90 day delegation sprints.


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What is a Personal Project Manager?

A PPM™ coaches you to identify your most impactful projects and ideas, designs a project plan for each, then holds you and others accountable to get your projects "to done" in 90-day delegation sprints.

Our project is YOU!  Designed for high Quickstart entrepreneurs who are overflowing with new ideas and need a WHO to help them "make it real."   Unlike a virtual assistant who thinks in tasks and directives, a PPM thinks in “whole-person strategy” to help you move your best ideas from your head to reality in 90-day sprints.   The continuous momentum of our "Freedom Loop" brings high Quickstarts the thought partnership, collaboration and accountability to get your wildest dreams out of your head and finally across the finish line.

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We help you create continuous momentum on your most important projects and ideas in 90-day delegation sprints.



How the PPM Program Works:

It Starts with Your "Most Impactful Contribution™."  The Japanese have an ancient similar philosophy called "Ikigai", which translates to "a reason for being or living."  They believe so much in the power of it, that they attribute their overall happiness and longevity to it.

At Delegate, we believe that YOU are here to make an impact that only you can make, through YOUR unique Ikigai; or as we call this, your "Most Impactful Contribution. Through weekly collaboration, delegation strategy and accountability pulsing with our PPMs, we provide the framework for you to finally get your best ideas out of your head and across the finish line. 


Finally, make the impact you were called to make through your best ideas!


Our unique PPM Program helps you do this through:

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Customized 90-Day

Every 90 days, we reset and distill your goals and ideas into bite-sized 90-day delegation sprints. We then supercharge them with AI-driven tools and proven leverage strategies to bring you fully transformative results with a project plan that's uniquely yours.

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A Holistic Whole-Person Approach

We believe that success goes beyond increasing your professional productivity. Our PPM program brings a "thought-partner" approach, designed to compliment your natural high Quickstart.  Whether personal or professional, our PPMs are here to help you make the impact that only you can make!

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Strategy, Coaching & Accountability

We wrote the book on delegation. We're not just experienced; we're trailblazers, continually redefining what “letting go” looks like.   The momentum of our "Freedom Loop" brings the accountability and coaching wisdom our PPMs, coupled with your unique vision to make your wildest dreams a reality.

The Personal Project Manager Process™:

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Give us 90 days, and we’ll help you move forward

your most impactful ideas and goals, personal or professional!



The Personal Project Manager ProgramSample Projects

Manage my bucket list

Help me publish my book

Plan an anniversary trip

Launch a new service line

Start a non-profit

Build out my peer group

Start a lavender farm

Manage a website launch

Start a podcast

Organize my client gifting

Map out my product launch

Coordinate a big home project

Quarterly Engagements Start at $4500 per Month 


Hey Quickstarts, we've created this with you in mind! Understanding the value of your time, we prioritize transparency in our pricing. A meaningful discovery conversation is essential for us to fine-tune our services to your unique needs and is a necessary step to initiate our service. 

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