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Gain the freedom to pursue your goals with virtual executive assistant services.  We provide managed support coupled with strategic delegation; all built for Visionaries!

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The Delegate Difference

We go beyond simple task fulfillment, combining a proactive approach,
deep expertise and robust support to meet your goals.

Managed Support

Our U.S.-based virtual executive assistants are our employees who we vet, train and manage, freeing you from the hassles of playing HR.

Trained Backup

We guarantee continuity during times of transition by training backup teams for your account that can step in at a moment’s notice and deliver the same high-quality work.

Delegation Coaching

Working with you, we help determine which tasks to delegate for the greatest impact, then create a strategic plan tailored to your needs.


How Can We Help Your Business?

Here’s a Sampling of Tasks Our Team Can Tackle

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Premium Virtual Executive Assistant Services
Built for Visionaries

From entrepreneurs to executive teams, whether you need fractional or full-time support, our services allow you to take back your time and focus on your goals.

Freedom for Individuals™

Get back to what you do best and free yourself to focus on growth with a customized program tailored to your specific needs.

Freedom for Teams™

Get skilled, strategic support for your team, freeing your team members to focus on their unique skills and impactful tasks.


A Team of A-Players

Highly selective, we go to great lengths to deliver a premium team that meets our standards and can meet your goals.

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Team members receive 40+ hours of training before working with clients.

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Extensive Experience

Our team averages 18+ years of professional experience supporting others.

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Top Talent

Fewer than 1% of applicants are selected to join our team.

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Ongoing Education

All team members are required to complete ongoing annual training.

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Guaranteed Fit

Our teams are carefully selected paired with clients, guaranteeing that you will always have the right fit support.


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Focused hours gained for entrepreneurs last year


Brains on your business throughout our team.


Increase in efficiency across teams.

What Our Clients Say

I love knowing that things are getting done without my direct involvement. The nagging feelings of balls being dropped is now gone because of Delegate’s consistent and invaluable help.

Mark O'Donnell, Chief Visionary, EOS Worldwide

With [Delegate Solutions’] help, I wasn't overloaded with a bunch of busywork, which freed me up to focus on the most important things as we grew.

Jim Boomer, CEO, Boomer Consulting