Finally, get what you want out of letting go.  Our team of expert delegation strategists will bring you the tools, support and skills you need to bring your biggest dreams to life, freeing you to transform and impact the world.



We Help With All Things Delegation:



You make it up,
we make it real. 

Our project is YOU!  We turn your biggest goals, ideas and projects into 90-day sprints, with your own fractional project manager to ensure it gets "to done."

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Build a culture of delegation at your company.

Learn tools, skills, and concepts for effective delegation, creating a company where everyone makes their impactful contributions.

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Increase your team's
impact and efficiency.

Discover new ways to boost team efficiency using proven delegation, automation tools and strategies for streamlined processes.

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Partner with a best in
class fractional assistant.

Powered by the Delegate Freedom System™, our Virtual EA program helps leaders and their teams gain more freedom through tailored support.

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The Delegate Difference:

Leveraging our proprietary delegation system as a service model, we bring together a consultative mix of virtual executive support, efficiency coaching & delegation training that gives you the freedom to meet your goals.

delegate freedom system

The Delegate Freedom System™

Designed to find you more freedom and built to anticipate your needs, our proprietary delegation system elevates you to focus on what you do best.

business systems

Business Systems

Providing hands-on support and a proven framework, we implement business operating system methodologies to systematically co-create the freedom you desire.


Teamed Approach

Designed to serve visionary leaders & their teams, our proactive model removes busywork to help optimize your time, maximize your impact & realize your vision.


The Proof is in the Data:

Over 100,000 Hours Saved


for leaders and their teams last year

40+ Brains on Your Business


through the mindshare of our team

50% Increase in Efficiency


felt by the teams we work with


Client Transformation Stories:

"I love knowing that things are getting done without my direct involvement. The nagging feelings of balls being dropped is now gone because of Delegate’s consistent and invaluable help."
Mark O'Donnell
Chief Visionary, EOS Worldwide
"With [Delegate Solutions’] help, I wasn't overloaded with a bunch of busywork, which freed me up to focus on the most important things as we grew."
Jim Boomer
CEO, Boomer Consulting
"With the help of my PPM, I was able to launch a whole new camp offering for my business in three months! On the personal front, we worked on strategies to increase my leadership abilities... all while I was also working on my doctorate!"
Laura Kelly
CEO, The Handwork Studio
karen m
"My team had an incredible learning experience that helped us overcome communication and workflow challenges which were causing tasks to fall through the cracks. The workshop gave us a common vocabulary and focus so everyone can delegate and feel better supported."
Karen McCann McClelland
Sidwell Friends School


We literally wrote the book on delegation.


We're not just experienced; we're trailblazers, continually redefining what “letting go” looks like. 



How to (Finally) Master Delegation & Scale Freedom Across Your Organization

Let it Go! by Emily Morgan, CEO of Delegate Solutions, reveals the formula for successful delegation, walking you through the mindset, techniques, and execution to scale it across your organization. Learn more about our delegation philosophy and find out what you stand to gain when you let it go.

Let It Go BOOK-1

What's a Personal Project Manager™?

A PPMcoaches you to identify your most impactful life projects, designs a project plan for each, then holds you and others accountable to get your projects "to done" in 90-day delegation sprints.

Our newest offering!  As your PPM, our project is YOU!  If you can dream it up, we will make it real.  Unlike traditional virtual assistants who think in tasks and directives, a PPM thinks in “whole-person strategy” to help you outperform at life in 90-day sprints.   The continuous momentum of our "Freedom Loop" brings high achievers the thought partnership, collaboration and accountability to get your most important projects and initiatives out of your head and finally across the finish line.


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Realizing your wildest dreams... we're here for that!