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Are you looking to increase the effectiveness and speed of your EOS® implementation?

Is your team struggling with consistently executing the administrative components behind running pure on EOS®?

Does your team need more structure and accountability around things like rock completion, keeping weekly dashboards current and managing to-dos coming out of your L10s?

We can help!

At Delegate, we are delegation experts and also an EOS®  run company. We understand the intricacies of EOS®  and have created an administrative support system to make the day to day management of EOS®  fully delegatable.


Learn Everything You Can Delegate In

Your EOS® Implementation

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Some of the ways we help companies running EOS® through our Pure Implementation Formula™

check Dedicated Support Team trained on EOS® concepts and tools
check Private Slack channel with direct access to our team
check Level 10 Meeting™ management
check Plug and Play support format to easily integrate into your existing deployment
check Access to our customized delegation management system
check Managing to-dos coming out of team meetings
check Proven methodology around support and delegation within EOS®
check Accountability Chart Management
check Accountability with Rocks
check Ongoing oversight provided by Account Manager
check Scorecard Metrics Collection
check Delegate & Elevate™ exercises
and much more!
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The Delegate Difference

As an EOS®-run company, we understand the intricacies of the system. We have created an administrative support system that makes the daily EOS® management fully delegatable. Our Pure Implementation Formula™ combines automation, delegation and proven efficiency strategies to help you reach your EOS® goals more quickly.

The power is in our process:


1. Discover

We learn more about your team, your business and the challenges you’re experiencing implementing EOS® administratively in your company.


2. Develop

Delegation is an energy management system™.  We create a support strategy that aligns with your goals and next steps needed to reach them so you can do more of what you love.


3. Deploy

Our team puts the plan in action and becomes your dedicated EOS® admin support resource, executing your daily, weekly and quarterly EOS® tasks and priorities.

We are not affiliated with EOS Worldwide®

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