Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 7643

Chris’s unique professional background gives her the perfect blend of skills to provide high-quality support to our clients and employees. She is always ready to learn something new and take on a new challenge.

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Founder, Visionary & CEO
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 6762

At the heart of it all!
Learn all about our founder here.

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COO & Integrator
Atlanta, GA
Kolbe: 8632

As our master juggler, Joe can interview a new team member, develop a marketing plan, and help a client overcome an obstacle…all while standing on his head. Well, maybe not the last part.

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Internal Ops Lead/Assistant to the CEO
New York, NY
Kolbe: 8814

Georgia is always ready to assist the management team with new tasks and projects. There isn’t a task or project that Georgia hasn’t met head on while looking for more to take on.



Community & Education Lead
Raleigh, NC
Kolbe: 9722

A natural organizer, Eileen’s attention to detail and ability to streamline processes allows for optimal results in reaching your big picture goals.



Director of Client Services
Orlando, FL
Kolbe: 8534

John brings over 20 years of thought leadership and experience around developing professionals. He has a unique ability to blend diplomacy and drive to inspire his teams to reach untapped potential. He focuses on transformational interactions and is motivated by others performing well. John enjoys coaching and mentoring as these are innate qualities that have served him well in his career.



Business Development Manager
Newark, NJ
Kolbe: 8642

Having experience working with businesses of all sizes, Alissa is Delegate's go-to person to discuss how our team can free up your time so you can do what you love. She brings a unique passion for delegation when meeting with visionaries and their teams.



Client Concierge/Recruiter
Venice, FL
Kolbe: 9713

Methodical and analytical, Beth enjoys being a problem solver, taking a project and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to deliver results above and beyond expectations.  With strong organizational skills, she helps create order and structure by streamlining and simplifying processes. 



HR Admin
Knoxville, TN
Kolbe: 7626

With over 20 years of administrative experience, Robin thrives at being a problem-solver. She strives to bring organization and stability through systems & processes while creating a “can do!” atmosphere for those she works with.



Team Trainer
Wilmington, NC
Kolbe: 9732

Erin is logical, analytical, and great at translating possibilities into plans! She enjoys the challenge of streamlining and organizing, and is decisive when carrying out objectives and meeting goals.



Success Team Lead
Raleigh, NC
Kolbe: 7752

Joanne loves to organize information and streamline processes to reduce inefficiencies. She thrives on being well researched and presenting information meaningfully, to help clients see clearly and focus their priorities. Her adaptable nature and strong communication skills mean Joanne is able to listen to what her clients need and respond to changing priorities.



Success Team Lead
St. Louis, MO
Kolbe: 7643

Amber is organized, detail oriented and loves helping turn dreams into plans! She enjoys being the hands behind the scenes ensuring things run smoothly. She is highly driven and organized and proactively seeks ways to provide an exceptional client experience.



Success Manager
Seattle, WA
Kolbe: 6672

Ilene enjoys brainstorming ideas to assist her clients with daily tasks. She brings over 20 years of expertise in technology services and is highly skilled in calendar management, needs assessments, analysis, and organization. She thrives in an admin world, loves details and helping others succeed.



Success Manager
Miami, FL
Kolbe: 8724

Christina is a people person and thrives when helping, teaching and communicating with those around her. She is highly organized, detail oriented and extremely empathetic. Christina has 5+ years of management and administrative experience, making her extremely efficient and effective.



Success Manager
Lexington, KY
Kolbe: 8723

Sarah loves to organize and plan. She is a self-motivated, driven individual with a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Sarah has strong administrative skills and an enthusiastic can-do attitude that will motivate and cultivate the success of her clients.



Senior Associate
Salt Lake City, UT
Kolbe: 8525

Cathy’s organizational skills and level-headed expertise can help wrangle any out-of-control schedule into something manageable. She has an eye for detail and specializes in streamlining processes. Her goal is to give her clients peace of mind, knowing that when something is handed off to her it will get done!



Senior Associate
Knoxville, TN
Kolbe: 7823

Becky loves building a strong rapport with clients based on transparency, excellent organization, and a determination to help identify and achieve goals. With her diverse professional background and a very positive attitude, she has tremendous versatility and has developed a strong work ethic.



Senior Associate
San Antonio, TX
Kolbe: 9633

Brianna is a self-motivated and results-oriented professional with 15 years of extensive hands-on administrative experience. Her superpower is organizing and tackling her workloads through her enjoyment of multi-tasking and time management. She takes pride in constructive feedback and communication so she can work together with clients to provide optimal strategic support.



Senior Associate
Chicago, IL
Kolbe: 9722

Kathy has a diverse set of skills with a passion for research and organization. She loves helping clients achieve their business goals by anticipating their needs and acting decisively. She takes pride in being adaptive and focused. Building a strong and productive client relationship is her number one goal.



Senior Associate
Charlotte, NC
Kolbe: 7634

Mackenzie loves building strong relationships with clients.  She takes ownership of her work and her pride shines through in everything she does. While multitasking and applying great attention to detail, Mackenzie's friendly personality and ready smile make her a pleasure to work with. She thrives at helping clients reach their goals.



Senior Associate
York, PA
Kolbe: 7815

LeAnn has a unique ability to problem solve and effectively communicate great solutions. Through her organization and time management skills, she excels at providing fine attention to detail and follow-through for her clients. She values integrity and is transparent in her everyday interactions.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 7823

Tiffany’s calling is to help organize people and businesses, as proven by over a decade of remote executive assistant and administrative professional work. Her extensive experience has helped her realize her passion for assisting big thinkers and distributed teams while staying on top of the daily tasks, calendars, and minutiae.



Senior Associate
Washington, D.C.
Kolbe: 8732

Alicia brings over 13 years of project management experience in various industries. She is highly detailed and organized, has strong communication and problem-solving skills, and a great work ethic. Alicia is committed to producing high-level results and ensuring that all projects are delivered on time and on budget.



Senior Associate
Fort Myers, FL
Kolbe: 7644

Laura brings over 20 years of experience working with high-level management as well as volunteer leaders. She is a “behind the scenes” team player who works to gain trust that the job will be done and done well. She also prides herself in getting to know those she works with and takes a proactive approach with upcoming projects and deadlines to help them stay on track.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 7643

Dana has a diverse professional background which allows her to adapt to a variety of situations. She is highly reliable, efficient, and a dedicated multitasker. Dana is a team player that is excited to see projects through to completion.



Senior Associate
Little Rock, AR
Kolbe: 8724

Christy enjoys being the go-to person. She enjoys time management and finding solutions for her clients through organization and structure. Christy thrives on helping others delegate the often forgotten tasks to create a healthy balance and a forward thinking focus. Her open communication and attention to detail create an environment of success for her clients.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 7833

Leah loves building relationships and making things happen behind the scenes. She thrives in situations where she can organize information, make processes more efficient, and improve the client experience. She is passionate about helping clients reach their goals and takes pride in providing a personable approach while delivering the highest quality in her work.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 8624

A creative, detail-oriented professional, Mary brings over 10 years of experience as an executive/administrative assistant working in various industries. She has strong project management skills and the ability to organize and prioritize tasks to meet established deadlines. She thrives on building strong business relationships and providing exceptional customer service. Her ability to stay organized, streamline processes and think outside of the box helps clients meet their business needs.

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Senior Associate
Jacksonville, NC
Kolbe: 8633

Laura embodies enthusiasm and a passion for meeting new people, thrives on building long-term relationships, and is a dedicated servant that loves helping others. She takes great pride in getting the job done right with professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent follow through.



Senior Associate
Mission, TX
Kolbe: 8723

Lauren is a dedicated and diligent Administrative Professional who focuses on delivering exceptional clerical and operational support. She prides herself on being a personable and communicative individual with a friendly demeanor. She is highly organized and focused with proven excellence in written and oral communication and has sound judgment to handle diverse daily tasks.



Senior Associate
Houston, TX
Kolbe: 7634

Angela has been honing her skills and developing sound business practices as an Administrative Support professional for over sixteen years. She is tech-savvy, has exceptional organizational skills, and is highly detail orientated. She loves to work behind the scenes creating structure and removing obstacles to clear the path for those on the front line to do what they do best.



Senior Associate
Grand Junction, CO
Kolbe: 7653

Jennifer has a passion for helping visionaries achieve their goals. A resourceful planner, and creative problem solver, she has over ten years of experience supporting business owners. She can see the big picture and works to align efficient processes to meet client goals. A strong communicator with a sense of humor, she is committed to building relationships based on empathy and kindness.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA
Kolbe: 8642

Nichole takes enormous pride in her work and is committed to driving client goals to fruition in a timely and effective manner. She is a detail oriented, task driven person. She has 8+ years of customer service management experience and 15+ years in logistics and planning. She has a willingness to help others and thrives seeing them succeed. She has a strong work ethic that shines in her day to day life.



Senior Associate
Atlanta, GA
Kolbe: 8823

Nahleen is an experienced, diligent, and highly motivated service professional with over a decade in providing diverse executive-level support. An enthusiastic individual with exceptional competence in event planning, communications, fundraising, donor relations, database management, and meeting organizational objectives/demands. She takes pleasure in meeting, engaging, and building rapport with new people. Nahleen has a passion to help others succeed and prides herself on being adaptive, detail-oriented, results-driven, and gracious in fast-paced environments.



Dayton, OH
Kolbe: 8823

Natalia is delighted to bring organization to the workplace. Through thorough attention to detail, time management, and consistent communication she strives to create meaningful interactions with clients to achieve their goals. She has over 7 years of administrative and client servicing experience in various industries that allow her to work with diverse business structures. She uses adaptability, multitasking, and organization to achieve current and future goals within a business with enthusiasm however big or small.



Columbus, GA
Kolbe: 8724

As a creative thinker and highly organized individual, Jeri thrives on problem-solving and taking the stress out of seemingly chaotic situations. Her background in administrative work and desire to constantly know more make her adaptable and a quick learner. She is passionate about bringing order and focus to details within teams, filling in gaps others may not have the time to tackle. Her main objective in any professional or personal setting is to be dependable and make the lives of those around her easier.



Boston, MA
Kolbe: 8535

Adina has enjoyed a career in administrative support for approximately 10 years. She loves to make sure all trains run on time! Adina has extensive knowledge in administrative coordination for c-level executives and is always willing to assist. She has worn “many hats” and is a multi-tasker with a passion for finding the most efficient method or process for any project!



Charleston, SC
Kolbe: 5*44

With over 13 years of experience, Amy has built her career on one simple principle: Work smarter. She is the person who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to streamline them, and consistently strives to boost productivity. She has vast experience in customer service, office administration, and project management. Amy believes in the value of teamwork and is committed to building sustainable client relationships.



Oklahoma City, OK
Kolbe: 8822

Brittany has a passion for creating processes and thrives on identifying places for improvement, analyzing and researching solutions and seeing the successful results of implementation! With 15+ years of administrative experience, she has become adept at tapping into tech solutions, prior experiences, and the team around her to help increase a client's efficiency and leverage their time effectively. She is always looking for solutions that are relevant, intuitive, and impactful for her clients.



Kansas City, MO
Kolbe: 7734

With 15+ years of experience in administration and operations management, Jessica brings a passion for organization, time management, and providing solutions for her clients. Jessica has an attention to detail and provides peace of mind by letting her clients know she's on top of things with clear and effective communication. She takes pride in helping her clients achieve their goals and remains proactive by constantly seeking ways to streamline processes.



Cleveland, OH
Kolbe: 6824

Detail-oriented and ready to organize, Emily prides herself in her ability to create efficiency in any situation. As a former educator, she has been in a variety of work environments, giving her the ability to coordinate the chaos of the day-to-day stressors. With over seven years of administrative experience, Emily has a great toolbox of resources to navigate any challenge successfully to help her clients create their vision.



Montgomery, AL
Kolbe: 6725

Nikita, who has over 10 years of administrative experience, takes pleasure in helping clients achieve their goals. Whether it is managing daily responsibilities or finding the solution to the bigger picture, she is able to tailor her administrative skillset to successfully meet the needs of her clients.



Indianapolis, IN
Kolbe: 6653

Kate is a fact-finder who likes to follow assignments through to their conclusion. With 10 years of administrative experience, she dives right in to meet her client's needs! She is organized, detail-orientated, and loves to think creatively giving her the vision to see ways to accomplish a task that others might not. A caring and enthusiastic person, Kate values connections with people.



New Orleans, LA
Kolbe: 8732

A task-driven administrative professional, Aiyisha loves to manage office operations while helping clients with their day to day. She takes pleasure in following through to make sure projects are always moving along, and thrives in creating a positive atmosphere while maintaining a "Get it Done" attitude.

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