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Most virtual assistant services are reactive – you request help with a task and they provide it. Leveraging Strategic Support™, our proactive consultative approach, we provide a strategic action plan for reaching your goals. Through automation, delegation and proven efficiencies, our managed team helps maximize your efforts.

Gain the Freedom to Focus on Your Goals

Combining managed support of an elite team and a customized delegation plan, our premium virtual assistant services free business leaders and teams to focus on what matters most.


Freedom for Individuals™

Ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and executives, our Freedom for Individuals service frees leaders from low-ROI tasks. Whether you want to focus on growth or take time to enjoy your success, we provide top talent and a strategic delegation plan to allow you to pursue your goals.

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Freedom for Teams™

Perfect for C-Suite and executive teams, our Freedom for Teams service saves your team from day-to-day busywork. Free them to focus on their unique skills and high-impact tasks with an elite team and strategic delegation plan that can be scaled to your needs.

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Support Packages Tailored
to Your Needs

Whether you want professional part-time support or a dedicated nine-to-five assistant, we offer packages tailored to your needs.

Group 404
Fractional Support

Access support 5-35 hours a week. Your team checks in three times daily and turns around work in 24 hours.

Group 405
Full-Time Support

Access support 40 hours a week. Your dedicated team is there to respond to your needs during normal business hours.


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What Can We Take Off Your Plate?

Process Creation,
Capture & Management
Marketing Support
Email Assistance
Project Management & Reporting
Financial Support
HR Management
Office Management
& Scheduling
Social Media

Expect More, Get More

Our services offer a depth you won’t find with most virtual assistants. We combine a customized approach, skilled teams and in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurial programs such as EOS® and Strategic Coach to help reach your goals.

Managed Support
Trained Backup
Delegation Coaching

Not All Virtual Assistants Can Provide the Same Support

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Choosing One

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Meet Your New Support Team

Before our team becomes your team, we go to great lengths to ensure you’re getting highly-skilled, highly-vetted and highly-qualified talent that’s guaranteed to fit your needs.

Our teamed approach provides a tandem of virtual assistants – one focused on strategy and the other execution. Using Kolbe scores to identify their strengths and your needs, we deliver a highly-trained team with the expertise to support your unique goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways! First, with Delegate, we guarantee you’ll always have the right fit for your support. We work in a teamed approach, and have structured our service to create redundancy so that you are not relying on one single individual to cover your support needs. In addition to your assigned team, we also include a trained backup and an Account Manager who all work collaboratively to ensure you always have what you need. This means that as you grow, you’ll never need to find, manage or train a support resource again! We’ve got you covered!

Second, Delegate takes a consultative, methodical approach to delegation. A basic Virtual Assistant is a task-based resource, where YOU have to identify and manage the delegation and the deliverables. At Delegate, we call what we do Strategic Support™, which means that we coach you through the delegation process and structure our support approach around your unique goals. We help you identify leverage points that will give you the most ROI, then provide the skill and execution to efficiently take those things off your plate.

That approach to delegation, coupled with our experience managing accountability and results, translates to reliable, proactive support. That is what really creates leverage for you and your team. Our team helps clients and their teams stay accountable and focused on their most important work.

Learn why you need more than a Virtual Assistant HERE

We guarantee you’ll always have Right Fit Support. That means that if your dedicated assistant or team is not working out for any reason, we will work to get things back on track, or manage a transition of replacement team members for you.

We pride ourselves on home-growing our talented, seasoned and professional team. All of our Associates are Delegate Certified. This means:

  1. 50+ hours of Delegate training before working with clients
  2. Average 18+ years of professional experience supporting others
  3. Fewer than 1% of applicants selected to join us last year
  4. Ongoing training hours required annually to maintain certification

We have perfected our hiring formula to ensure the best fit for our service deployment. Our team is thoroughly vetted, trained and mentored by our team before they ever interact with our clients. In fact, we hire fewer than one percent of the applicants who would love to join our team.

Our team consists of W-2 employees who are located across the United States and work remotely across all U.S. time zones.

Clients contract with us in retainer agreements. Retainer clients have a consistent monthly need for support. They maintain their volume each month and require regular (usually daily) maintenance for ongoing, recurring tasks. Clients in retainer agreements commit to a specific number of hours per month and the hourly rates are discounted. Retainer arrangements start at 25 hours per month and can go all the way up to 40 hours per week.

Our work is time-based and we track our time by the minute. It’s good to have a sense of your volume needs, but if you don’t, we can help you figure that out. All of our clients sign a client agreement and pre-payment is required to begin services. We also offer the convenience of auto-billing. We require an initial commitment of three months and then move to a 30-day cancellation.

Great question! Simply complete our quick and easy Right Fit Scorecard here. Your responses will generate our recommendation for working together (as well as next steps in the process).  

 Please note: We want the best for you whether we work together or not. In some cases, your responses will trigger a recommendation that is not Delegate Solutions.  

Yes, client hours roll over for a 30-day period, and roll one time.

Absolutely. It’s rare that this doesn’t happen in our work with clients. We feel it’s the best way to support you seamlessly with your network of relationships. Delegate is not responsible for expenses incurred with this type of email setup.

Delegate Solutions holds standard business hours, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, based on where the team is located. Our headquarters are on EST. You are free to reach out to your dedicated team members at any time, however if it is after hours, they will promptly respond the next business day. We encourage our team (as well as our clients) to take a break from their work to recharge on nights and weekends to spend time with the people that matter most, family and friends.

We do! Delegate Solutions closes on the following days so our team can take a free day:

  • New Year's Eve- half day
  • New Year's Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day Before Thanksgiving- half day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve- half day
  • Christmas Day

 *Additionally, we support and encourage our team members to observe major holidays that are important to their cultural and religious backgrounds.

At Delegate we focus on executive strategic support for highly successful entrepreneurs, executives and their teams in almost any industry. We look to work with clients who (1) understand the leverage and ROI that effective delegation provides and (2) are clear about their goals and what they are trying to achieve.

*We currently do not support the Wealth Management/Financial Advisory industry.

Service programs vary from client to client. We are “goals-focused delegation strategists,” so we are always looking to develop support strategies that are in line with what you’re trying to achieve. We also look at tasks you’re doing that you don’t enjoy or that don’t need to be done by you and incorporate those into our strategy. This can change and adapt over time as you grow.

Some of the most requested services we perform for clients include: business automations, complex scheduling, process design, logistics planning, directed research, inbox management, project management, contact management and expense tracking and reporting, as well as personal requests, just to name a few! We are also up to speed on all of the latest technology, so our clients constantly turn to us as their primary resource to suggest and implement the most relevant new business efficiency tools. You’d be surprised by all we can assist you with, just ask!

The best way to think about this is that Delegate is the execution side of your ideas. For example, we do not offer creative (examples include copywriting, web design and graphic design), sales and marketing-related outbound calling, and bookkeeping services.

As for the consultative part of our service, we focus solely on delegation and efficiency strategies and best practices for executive support. If you need help with something we do not offer, we would be more than happy to recommend services/experts that we may already know and/or vet some great options that will meet your needs.

Our core values that we live by are:
  1. Innate spirit of helping others
  2. Enthusiasm for excellence
  3. Kind and thoughtful
  4.  Do what we say
  5. Be transparent
Learn more about us HERE.