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How is Delegate’s Strategic Support service different than other resources in the Virtual Assistant world?

I've heard Delegate Solutions believes that a Virtual Assistant isn’t the answer for entrepreneurs, their teams, and businesses. What does that mean?

What is the Delegate Solutions Guarantee?

Tell me a little about who is part of the Delegate Solutions team:

Where is your team located?

How does the arrangement work?

How do I start the process of seeing if we are a fit?

Do the hours I purchase roll over?

Will your team adopt my branded email?

What days and hours can I expect my dedicated team to be available?

Does Delegate Solutions observe major U.S. holidays?

What types of clients and industries do you support?

What exactly can you help me with?

What services does Delegate NOT offer?

I want more than just great service but someone that keeps a similar culture as me. What makes Delegate tick as a company?

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