Make Your Ideal Day a Reality With Our Proprietary Delegation System

With Delegate Solutions, you get more than a virtual assistant. You get more freedom via our proprietary system for effective delegation, which hands off the right tasks, in the right way, to a managed team of top-tier talent to deliver results in a repeatable, reliable way.

The Delegate Freedom System®

A holistic approach to operationalizing delegation, the Delegate Freedom System® makes your ideal day possible. A cyclical five-step process, it allows you to focus on impactful and energizing work while ensuring lower-ROI tasks can be successfully handed off to our skilled support team.

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Step 1: Focus
Center yourself and get clear on how you want to spend your time and energy by focusing on your most impactful contribution. Most of your time should be spent doing this meaningful work.
Step 2: Evaluate
Review your calendar and objectively evaluate how your time is spent and if it’s advancing your goals. Think about who can take on work you don’t like or aren’t good at.

Step 3: Prioritize


Develop a delegation strategy that’s tied to your goals and priorities to ensure what’s being handed off truly moves the needle to get you closer to your ideal day

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Step 4: Handoff
As part of the handoff, clearly describe what success looks like, establish metrics for it, and sync on who is doing what and by when.
Step 5: Feedback
Establish a healthy and open feedback loop by setting expectations and guidelines around regular ongoing evaluations of what’s working and what’s not.
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As Master Chair with Vistage and President of my own company, I realize the importance of maximizing my time with my members and clients. My relationship with Delegate Solutions has enabled me to do that.

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System as a Service Options for Entrepreneurs and Executive Teams

Powered by the Delegate Freedom System®, our premium services offer entrepreneurs and executive teams fractional and full-time support.

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Freedom for Indivduals™

Freedom for Individuals™

Free yourself to do what you do best and focus on growth with a program that’s tailored to your needs.

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Freedom for Teams™

Get strategic executive-level support that frees your team to focus on their unique skills and most impactful work.

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The Delegate Freedom System® Includes:


Managed Support

Our virtual assistants are our employees who we vet, train and manage, freeing you to focus on big-picture projects.


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Trained Backup

We guarantee continuity by training a backup on your account who can step in at a moment’s notice and deliver the same high-quality work.


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Delegation Coaching

Working with you, we help determine which tasks to delegate for the greatest impact, then create a strategic plan tailored to your needs.



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