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If your business is suffering from efficiency issues, we can help you get to the root of the problem. 

Our experts identify the parts of your existing workflow that can be delegated or automated for maximum efficiency so you can better leverage your current executive support team.

Below are key ways we support our consulting clients:

Improve Team Delegation


Improve Team Delegation

We’ve helped companies identify 30% of their workflow tasks that could be delegated to leverage key team member’s time. We will identify the critical parts of your workflow that slow down the team output, and create a delegation process to shift task level responsibility.

Your Team, Our Methodology


Your Team, Our Methodology

Our unique approach to delegation has increased the productivity of busy executives and their teams by 40%! We can share our technology and deliver our team training program to your staff admin teams to help them deliver what they do even more effectively.

Create + Scale Off-Site


Create + Scale Off-Site

Building and scaling out a remote team is no small feat. We know firsthand what it takes to liberate a business from an “on-site, all the time” environment. We’ll show you how we doubled our remote team in just 18 months.

Eliminate “Black Holes”


Eliminate “Black Holes”

Create effective systems of accountability, ownership and transparency. We can help you design results-based delegation processes that remove time-wasting confusion within your teams.

The Key is in the setup!

We will create a customized Delegation Strategy to better leverage you and your team’s productivity and time.

Packages include:

  • DESIGN: Individual Q&A sessions with your key team to understand priorities, roles and projects
  • COACHING: 1-on-1 master delegation sessions with expert, Emily Morgan
  • ACTION PLAN: A customized document detailing how to tackle your delegation challenges
  • SETUP: Custom technology deployment for your team (Optional)
  • TRAIN: Personalized, recorded video training for your team featuring tips and tricks to get the most out of your task management process (Optional)
  • SUPPORT: Deploy our remote admin experts to support your action plan (Optional)

*Package pricing varies based upon customization

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