At Delegate Solutions, we believe our greatest assets are our Team Members.

They have all come to us with executive level experience, a love of helping others succeed and an innate affinity for our methodology.


Our process is simple: Our Leadership team nominates one team member who has really raised the bar for excellence in client satisfaction and diligence in following our internal processes over the past month. Next, our entire team gets to nominate one of their peers for their embodiment of our core values (as outlined in our manifesto). While every member of our team is outstanding, we are proud to publicly honor them individually each month for their exceptional qualities.

Leadership Nominated Rockstar is:


Tara Prata - Delegate Solutions

Why she’s chosen:

Tara is this month’s Leadership choice for Rockstar! With her positive, proactive and professional style of supporting our clients, Tara has wowed us all! She has a keen appreciation for the value of process, has cultivated an exemplary talent in the art of delegation, and all the while maintains her fun, easy-going nature. Tara shares a bright smile, deep commitment to excellence, and an eagerness to learn every day. We love having her on our team. Congrats Tara! xoxo


Peer Nominated Rockstar is:


Amanda - Delegate Solutions

Why she’s chosen:

Amanda is this month’s Peer Nominee for RockStar! Her teammates praised her efforts tackling and leading a new process we created for our clients!  One teammate also comments: “Amanda is full of positivity and encouragement. She’s a great team builder!”

Amanda’s dedication to simplifying the complex and her enthusiasm for excellence make her a Rock Star as she radiates Delegate’s core values. One teammate shared: “Amanda is kind, thoughtful, and gratitude focused. I feel like working with her makes me a stronger worker.” And WE are so grateful to have you on our team, Amanda! You ROCK! xoxo


How we select our Rockstar:



One member is chosen by the Leadership Team based on their:


1-Contribution to our Shared Learning


2-Attention to detail with our internal reporting process


3-Support with new team members


4-Attendance at our weekly team meetings and Monthly Training






And the 2nd ROCK STAR is chosen by their peers


Because of their demonstrated connection to at least one of our core values —

• Operate with honesty and integrity


• Proactively seek ways to create value for our clients


• Act as generous, friendly, resourceful problem solvers


• Create a wow experience for our clients


• Remain goals-focused honoring our commitments